April 25, 2016

Star Wars X AZTECA: Part TWO

When I posted the STAR WARS x AZTECA design on Instagram, I mentioned that I eventually wanted to get one laser engraved in wood. Very quickly I received a DM from 2ndwnd expressing that they could do the job. After we traded some emails, it became clear they could do the job - and boy were they right. They created three 12 inch prototypes laser engraved in Baltic birch that captured all the detail in the original design.

Of course, having seen the 12 inch version, I wondered how a larger one would look. Again, 2ndwnd delivered with an amazing 2 foot version that has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality woodwork. And for kicks, I had them engrave a plexiglass master with the intent of casting a few to simulate stone or metal. That piece by itself is beautiful.

I now have a prototype of antique "metal" that was hand finished using successive layers of my favorite metallizer, Rub n Buff. The finished piece looks like it was just unearthed from an archaeological dig.

Can't wait to try out a faux stone finish on another prototype. Stay tuned.


  1. Why not have it engraved on marble or tile. it is quite beautiful in the wood. I am a noobie engraver and am curious if sell the image for others to engrave and if so how much. Thanks

    1. Hi Maddy - Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, the file is not for sale. - David

  2. Great artistic skills at its best, i wish the file was for sale as it is brilliant. Thank you for sharing this piece. I am in hope that we have part thre coming through soon.