May 10, 2019

The Mexicans in Black are back!

Mexicans in Black tshirt

Looking for that extra-terrestrial gift? Fear no more. New Mexicans in Black gear is now available. Sport an MiB t-shirt exclusively from LA Digital Prints.

Mexicans in Black snapback hat

Looking for something to top off that shirt? Pick up an MiB snapback hat from the NOPAL shop.

Get yours before they are redacted!

May 8, 2019

Big Trouble Maker

Gerald Okamura
Gerald Okamura

I've had the immense pleasure of being able to collaborate with the Legend, Gerald Okamura. I met Gerald at WonderCon many years ago at Jerome Lu's Hyperactive Monkey booth. A soft-spoken gentleman, I was immediately a super-fan. When I started working on my Big Trouble in Little Aztlan piece, Jerome showed Gerald, since I had included him and another legend, Al Leong in their Wing Kong attire.

Gerald and I got to communicating about how a sticker based on the Wing Kong would be a great idea. That kicked off a creative flurry of collaboration between us. Since then, we've worked on his own line of Sriracha sauce, stickers, skate decks, t-shirts, and he's even had custom figures created based on designs we worked on together.

A few of the collaboration projects between NOPAL and Gerald Okamura.

It's always been fun and always been creatively rewarding. I look forward to many, many more collaborations with my friend, Gerald Okamura.

If you want to join the Gerald Okamura fan club, you can do so here.

June 22, 2017

Big Trouble in Little Aztlan

I'm a big fan of Big Trouble in Little China, so I decided to see if I could do it justice in an illustration. I realized very quickly that there was a lot to cover from this awesome  movie. Inevitably, some stuff didn't make the cut. The Pork Chop Express? Nope. Egg Shen's bus? Nope again. But I did try to squeeze as much as possible in.

Initial inked drawing

Final illustration

The piece came out better than I even expected. I had some metallic stickers made that look amazing.

Stickers and prints can be found in the shop.

May 7, 2016

Azteca Wars tshirts

Azteca Wars is finally available as a tshirt. The NOPAL shop is carrying the Stormtrooper coloway (Black & White) and is carrying the gold variant. Both are available for $20 while they last.

Azteca Wars tshirt -

April 25, 2016

Star Wars X AZTECA: Part TWO

When I posted the STAR WARS x AZTECA design on Instagram, I mentioned that I eventually wanted to get one laser engraved in wood. Very quickly I received a DM from 2ndwnd expressing that they could do the job. After we traded some emails, it became clear they could do the job - and boy were they right. They created three 12 inch prototypes laser engraved in Baltic birch that captured all the detail in the original design.

Of course, having seen the 12 inch version, I wondered how a larger one would look. Again, 2ndwnd delivered with an amazing 2 foot version that has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality woodwork. And for kicks, I had them engrave a plexiglass master with the intent of casting a few to simulate stone or metal. That piece by itself is beautiful.

I now have a prototype of antique "metal" that was hand finished using successive layers of my favorite metallizer, Rub n Buff. The finished piece looks like it was just unearthed from an archaeological dig.

Can't wait to try out a faux stone finish on another prototype. Stay tuned.