May 8, 2019

Big Trouble Maker

Gerald Okamura
Gerald Okamura

I've had the immense pleasure of being able to collaborate with the Legend, Gerald Okamura. I met Gerald at WonderCon many years ago at Jerome Lu's Hyperactive Monkey booth. A soft-spoken gentleman, I was immediately a super-fan. When I started working on my Big Trouble in Little Aztlan piece, Jerome showed Gerald, since I had included him and another legend, Al Leong in their Wing Kong attire.

Gerald and I got to communicating about how a sticker based on the Wing Kong would be a great idea. That kicked off a creative flurry of collaboration between us. Since then, we've worked on his own line of Sriracha sauce, stickers, skate decks, t-shirts, and he's even had custom figures created based on designs we worked on together.

A few of the collaboration projects between NOPAL and Gerald Okamura.

It's always been fun and always been creatively rewarding. I look forward to many, many more collaborations with my friend, Gerald Okamura.

If you want to join the Gerald Okamura fan club, you can do so here.


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