January 20, 2020

BBoy Wing Kong Custom Vinyl Figure

Mark Nagata - Man of Many Weapons

Last fall I was invited by Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co to participate in his "Man of Many Weapons" custom figure show. The show featured customized sofui figures designed by Mark of Gerald Okamura of Big Trouble in Little China fame (among other movies).

When Mark sent the blank figure I initially wasn't sure how I wanted to customize it. Then it dawned on me... Wing Kong BBoy! I had designed the character in collaboration with Gerald and Gabe Frimmel, Gerald's son-in-law. It seemed a natural theme for the show.

Bboy Wing Kong
BBoy Wing Kong

Mark Nagata - Man of Many WeaponsMark Nagata - Man of Many Weapons

Never having painted a sofubi figure, I reached out to Mark to get some advice. He provided some great tips. I used a Krylon primer suitable for plastics and then painted it with Vallejo paints.

Mark Nagata - Man of Many Weapons project

Bboy Wing Kong custom figureBboy Wing Kong custom figure

The base was created with a bass wood backing with a dollhouse brick facing and the "asphalt" was made with painted sandpaper.

The finished figures were debuted at Designer Con at Mark's booth. It was fun to work on this project and a great honor to have been asked to be included among so many talented artists.

Man of Many Weapons at DesignerCon 2019

Man of Many Weapons at DesignerCon 2019

Man of Many Weapons at DesignerCon 2019

Man of Many Weapons at DesignerCon 2019

For more amazing work, follow Mark on Instagram at @maxtoyco

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