November 17, 2013

Designer Con 2013 - recap

Designer Con 2013 was amazing as usual. The two day event (new this year) was chock-full of great work by everyone from KidRobot, Tracy Tubera, and Honi Koni. The mix of artwork and eclectic crafts was even better than expected. Whether you were looking for limited edition prints, vinyls, or apparel, there was something for everyone.
Designer Con
Deathshead - David Flores

Designer Con
Totoro - Woes

Designer Con
DoodleBarn - Dezeinswell

Designer Con: Honi Koni
Honi Koni - Roman Cortez
 I was also able to catch up with the awesome Tracy Tubera and Kwestone, who created another great collab piece, Batman and Robin.

Designer Con: Tracy Tubera + Kwestone
Batman & Robin - Tracy Tubera & Kwestone

In addition to all that greatness, I finally had the time to chat with some of the artists I follow on Instagram, like tanoshiboy, thebeastisback, iamwheatking, inkparkco, and vampybitme. Can't wait til next year. Start planning now... Designer Con 2014 is November 9-10.

Check out photos from this year's show  here.

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