February 1, 2014

Shiny Objects - Part 2

A while back I posted about my burgeoning prop collection. I'm happy to report that like all addicting hobbies, it's grown. Here are the latest additions to the collection.

X-Files Replica Prop Badges

X-Files FBI badge prop replicas + Pirates coin

X-Files: Scully and Mulder badge replicas
This project started with just the badges. Cast from the show originals, I painted and aged them. I reached back out the prop forum member to get the leather wallets and IDs to complete the pieces.

Supernatural Colt prop replica

Supernatural Demon Killing Colt
A great piece that was really fun to work on. Build process here.

Iron Man helmet prop replicaIron Man helmet prop replica

Iron Man Mk7 Helmet
Another fun project. The cast was extremely well done (from a 3D print). In addition to painting, I added magnets to snap on the face plate. Still to do are adding lights to the eyes. Sadly this was too small to be a wearable prop.

Classic Tron helmet prop replica

Classic Tron helmet prop replica

Tron (1982) Flynn Helmet
Loads of work went into this one. About 15 hours of paint alone but it was well worth it. Still to finish are permanently attaching the LED light strips. Build process is documented here.

Men In Black: Noisy Cricket, Neuralyzer, and Ray Ban Predator glasses

Men In Black: Neuralyzer Men In Black: Neuralyzer

Factory Entertainment Men in Black II Neuralyzer + Noisy Cricket upgrade
I picked up one of the props that I've been fascinated with for years. I am a huge fan of the Men in Black franchise and when the neuralyzer was announced, it was a must have. I also upgraded my Noisy Crickey with a new light and sound chip. Definitely was missing.

I, Robot badge prop replicaPirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl prop replica coin

Terminator 2:Judgement Day T-1000 badge prop replica Terminator 2:Judgement Day T-1000

Miscellaneous Props
After purchasing the T-1000 LAPD replica badge, I was on a shiny object - badge kick. I found some casts of the badge from iRobot and T-1000 badge when it's shot. After some clean up, paint and polish, they are nice additions to the collection. I also added cursed coin from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

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