October 11, 2014

Little Star Lord

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy title

Guardians of the Galaxy was an unexpected treat for my son and I. He enjoyed the action and I enjoyed the nostalgia and humor (and the action too, I'll admit). What stood out most was the blend of old school storytelling and futuristic technology. Star Lord technology most of all was the highlight.

When the time to talk Halloween costumes came, there was no question what my son wanted to be. The question above all, was what to do about the helmet. I purchased a Nerf Star-Lord Battle Gear set with a simple mask. I figured I could modify it a bit to make it look better. Maybe some paint and some lenses. I found a great example in Jill Sowell's blog, who had already tackled this exact same problem. Her project was a great inspiration in its simplicity.

I started by researching different foams and ended up getting 6mm and 4mm EVA foam. I made a simple paper template and kept adapting it to fit my son's head.

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord helmet projectGuardians of the Galaxy Star Lord helmet project

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord helmet project

Pretty soon I had enough of a foundation to start adding details. A quick coat of primer and a base coat of metallic silver and it was starting to come together.

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord helmet project

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord helmet project

After hand-painted coats of silver and some Rub 'n Buff for a sheen, the painting phase was complete.

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord helmet project

After a few options for lighting I ended up using what I already had - a strip of micro LED lights powered by a 12V battery. It provided some nice even lighting and was easy to install. I then found some low-cost plastic glasses lenses on Amazon. They were the perfect size and mounted easily with hot glue.

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord helmet project

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord helmet project

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord helmet project  Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord helmet project

The mask came out better than I had expected and honestly, I figured it would be a good match with the store bought costume we had ordered. But unfortunately, the costume was delayed and the likelihood of it coming on time was unlikely. I started thinking of alternatives to finish his costume.

First was the red leather or faux-leather coat. A quick trip to downtown LA and we found the coat (good enough for an 8 year old's cosplay costume). It was easier to find once we decided we were replicating the short jacket and not the duster. I then ordered some retro-headphones and orange foam covers and eventually found a resin-cast Sony Walkman replica. What's a Star Lord costume without his tunes? After paint and detailing, the Walkman was complete. I then decided to make a budget build version of the Orb out of Styrofoam and hot glue (and finishing with some metallic paint). The last pieces to complete his costume were a small messenger bag to hold the Orb and a stock Nerf Star Lord Blaster.

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord helmet, orb, WalkmanGuardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Sony Walkman

With all the bits and pieces complete, I finally had my son try it all on. And lo and behold, Little Star Lord was born!

Guardians of the Galaxy Little Star LordGuardians of the Galaxy Little Star Lord

 The cost of everything turned out to be a little more than the store-bought costume would have been, but it has much more to it and seeing the look on my son's face as he donned his gear was priceless.

I have another Nerf blaster primed and ready to customize and have an adult-size resin Star Lord helmet coming from the RPF so I can match Little Star Lord's. Stay tuned for the next episode.


  1. Wow very nice! Looks awesome and it was a nice read, even got some inspiration as
    well for my own costume :)
    My compliments!

  2. Very well done! I might have to steal your LED strip idea, the lights in the eyes look great =)

    1. Seeing as you were the inspiration for the helmet mod, steal away! The lights turned out a bit too bright for him at night but the LED strip came with a dimmer which solved that.